Wednesday, February 26, 2014

CaliBurger here in the Philippines!

Caliburger has finally hit our shores last February 17, opening two branches just two days apart. The first outlet is located at Century City Mall, Makati while the second one is along the busy street of Timog. Situated across GMA 7 and beside Highlands Coffee, the new burger joint is definitely a standout. 

Screaming sunshine and happiness, it strikes a strong resemblance to In and Out Burger.

I love the refreshing colours!

Another plus for me is the parking space for both Highlands Coffee and Caliburger at the back.

We all went with the Beef option between that and Chicken.

Past 7pm, we noticed the line slowly starting to build up.

Our orders! 

Cali Double Meal with Wild Fries [Php 490]
Cheeseburger Meal [Php 325]
Low Carb Style Cheeseburger Meal [Php 325]
There was nothing special about their fries, which seriously needed salt. We were too lazy to get up once more (we had been getting up to request for straws, napkins, ketchup and cups with ice) so we settled with the blah. 

For the burgers, we loved the overall flavour but didn't like the fact that the patties fell apart easily. Especially with the LC (Low Carb) style, I had to make sure that I held a tissue underneath each bite to catch the falling bits and pieces. The caramelized onions sealed the deal for me, adding to the overall taste which I will go back for. Since it was the first day of operations when we went, we are giving them the benefit of the doubt and are hoping to try out a sturdier patty blend when we go back.

Timog, Quezon City (Across GMA7)

4F Century City Mall, Kalayaan Ave., Makati
+63 02 403.8554

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