Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Tampopo at the New Promenade

The New Promenade houses a collection of restaurants including Singapore's Tampopo. Located near the back entrance of the mall, the style is open and organic -- much like having a meal at an outdoor zen garden. 

We started our lunch with two versions of their dumplings.
There was nothing special with their Sui Gyoza, except that it reminds me of dumplings from home. 
Sui Gyoza [Php 150]
The fried version had the right crunchy shell to contrast the hot and tender meat-and-veggie filling. Yum!
Deep Fried Dumpling [Php 150]

The waiters provided menus flipped to the ramen pages, which showcased two types of ramen: the Hokkaido and Kyushu.

Hokkaido Ramen - thick and chewy noodles with broth that's made of pork and chicken bone
Kyushu Ramen - thin and hard noodles with broth that's made of purely pork bone

They left us to choose our meals with a message that all Kyushi ramen weren't available. Boo.

From the Hokkaidos, the Hakodate Ramen was highlighted as "Chef Recommended". Flavors of the ingredients stood out as they were set on a backdrop of milky, light broth.
Deluxe Hakodate Ramen [Php 420]
Since I wanted to maximize the multi-facetedness of the place of katsu and ramen, I ordered the mini version of the Negi Chili Miso Ramen. I went with it despite the warning that it's going to be extra spicy.
Mini Negi Chili Miso Ramen [Php 315]
Knowing that all options belonging to the Hokkaido page were supposed to have soft and chewy noodles, I was surprised to find mine with slightly hard ones. Nothing "extra" about the heat. Overall, I found this dish lacking of depth and aroma.

Making my own katsu-ramen combo, I ordered the the Premium Loin a la carte. I was honestly surprised to find this dish tough and hard to chew! I had to make sure so I let the rest try it to confirm-- knowing I'll end up having a hard time finishing the meal. Another sad thing I noted was that the cabbage wasn't evenly shredded, with dressing that's slightly short of being Ponzu :(
Premium Loin Katsu A La Carte [Php 280]
The basic Chicken Katsu Don was tender but a little sweet for my liking.
Chicken Katsu Don [Php 300]

And then to the highlight of the visit -- the Black Pig Yanagawa. It was as good as advertised - juicy, flavorful and tender.
Pork Loin Yanagawa Set (Black Pig) - [Php 490]

Here's sharing their menu:

New Promenade, Greenhills Shopping Complex, San Juan

+63 917.8547440

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