Thursday, July 18, 2013

New York Supreme Angeles: A Second Time

For our second time at New York Supreme, we veered away from the ones we didn't quite like, and ordered more of the ones we found were just, irresistible.

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We went ahead and got two orders of pizza: the All Meat Supreme and Spicy Garlic Shrimp. Both were great as expected, with thicker than usual cheese layers and tons of toppings. The Spicy Garlic Shrimp became my new favourite! ❤

All Meat Supreme [Php 535]
Last time we visited, the owner mentioned their best-selling fried chicken right when we were about to finish. We vowed to try it next visit, and we did.

Juicy and flavourful, they were perfect as it is and didn't need the addition of condiments -- even the gravy. These are far better than the famous Angeles Fried Chicken or AFC!
NYS Country Style Chicken [Php 275]

We had three orders of pasta: the Baked Beef and Cheese Ravioli (not pictured), Marinara,  and Baked Penne with Bacon and Cream Sauce. The Ravioli didn't have any beefy aroma at all. This time, we requested for the knotted bread to be served on the side instead for less mess. 

The Marinara had good al dente textured noodles and strong tomato taste, so strong that it almost overpowers the seafood flavours.
NYS Seafood Marinara [Php 235]
Make sure to have forkfuls of this Baked Penne with bacon for it to have the right balance of flavours. I tried it without, and it was just blah.
Baked Penne with Bacon and Cheese Sauce [Php 235]
For dessert, we went for these Italian-inspired Zippolis doughnuts. I didn't like them the first time since they were a little undercooked. This time, I was able to enjoy them better. They'd need to be complemented with the chocolate dip to offset the sweetness of the finishing sugar.
Zippolis [Php 65]

New York Supreme Angeles
McArthur Highway
Balibago, Angeles City 
+63 (045) 892 5118

Here's sharing their menu:

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