Monday, June 3, 2013

Pepper Lunch Diner in Yodobashi, Akihabara

We finally spotted a Pepper Lunch branch in Akiba, right at the Yodobashi building before heading home.

Neon lights welcome customers to the diner vibe. Opened just this year, this is the second Pepper Lunch with this concept in Japan.

Similar to the branches here in the Philippines, a teasing instructional video showcases how the dishes are best prepared and enjoyed.

A menu outside easily distracts waiting customers from turning impatient.

After a good 15 minutes of waiting, we finally entered the land of fast-steak!

Taken a few minutes apart, checkout how fast the turnover is. 

The cute maid uniforms caught our eyes and cameras 

 Complimentary water's served and they kept it coming.

They had wine and other alcoholic beverages which we gladly skipped.

Orders were taken using a digital communicator to the kitchen.

To start, we had some good 'ol Onion Rings and Fries. Nothing special about them.

The soup and salad followed shortly. Tasting like corn combined with pumpkin, it was a nice and hearty way to start our meal.

The salad was perfect in temperature and texture, topped with self-served cheese dressing.

Various condiments were present, with the two standard honey brown sauce Amakuchi or garlic soy sauce Karakuchi. 

Here are our mains:
Wild Beef 300g [¥ 950]
Wild Beef Steak 450g [¥ 1,400]
Double Beef Pepper Rice [¥ 980]
While everyone had the regular items, I went out and tried the combination of Hamburg Steak and Service Beef Steak that started with the description "A mass of 100% Beef..". I decided to go all out on our second to the last evening in Japan.

It came with a fragrant refillable cup of rice, ready to complement my carnivorous meal.

I made sure to cook mine all throughout.

Succulent and juicy, the burger easily melts in the mouth. I added some garlic garnish to give it some added oomph. 

The Service Beef steak however, was tough and tasteless, and no amount of seasoning could have saved it. Good thing the Hamburg Steak covered for it.

Great food, nice view 

Here's what they're serving:

Their Menu: (click to enlarge)

Pepper Lunch Diner
Yodobashi Akiba
1-1 Kanda Hanaokacho, Chiyoda, Tokyo 101-0028, Japan

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