Wednesday, May 1, 2013

UCC Banawe and its Ramen

We were looking for a place to have lunch at Banawe one weekend, and settled in UCC. I was craving for Risotto, and couldn't think of other restaurants nearby that served it.

Brightly lit, the Vienna Cafe along Banawe Street welcomes casual quick diners from the Chinese community. I prefer it a little cozier though.

We were surprised to find Ramen and Japanese Don Meals in their menu, and googled to find that this was introduced in UCC Petron Pasay Road's branch almost two years ago.

I found these "Chinese Favorites" a little out of place though. 

I wasn't swayed by these new options and stuck with my favorite: The Chicken Mushroom Risotto. It's my ultimate comfort food.
Chicken Mushroom Risotto [Php 329]
Nikko tried out the Tan Tan Men over the Shoyu variant he'd usually get. With Japanese-style Sichuan sesame noodles, it had a rich spicy broth that surprised us, considering that we had chicken broth instead of pork.
Tan Tan Men [Php 399]
The eggs were sorry-looking, cooked almost completely leaving no part of it gooey. The overall quality was so-so, not bad for something coming from a place not specializing in ramen.

For my next visits, I'll try out their Curry Rice and Omurice options for a change.

Maybe some of their cakes with coffee as well!

UCC Vienna Cafe Banawe
RBL Building, Banawe Street, 
Santo Domingo, Quezon City

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