Friday, May 17, 2013

Odaiba お台場 Tokyo Part II: Venus Fort Outlet Shops and Foodcourt

After spending the morning touring the Toyota Mega Web, we went to the establishment right beside it: the Venus Fort. It's known for its number of outlet shops and interiors similar to an 18th century European town.

The interior was a pleasant surprise, compared to the building's modern appearance from the outside.

We enjoyed it so much that while waiting for the rest, I took time to take some photos of shoti pretend-modelling

Some of the outlet shops inside Venus Fort

There's also a Hello Kitty's Kawaii Paradise inside Venus Fort.

Pink is everywhere!

It won't be complete without these UFO Catchers. The only difference is, all prizes here are Hello Kitty items!

We didn't have to worry by the time we got hungry. Check out the variety of restaurants within Venus Fort:

With foodcourt-style seating, we enjoyed ordering separate dishes from different restaurants.

The first thing that caught our eye was the cute chef inside this restaurant. Yup -- the chef, and not the menu or the shop look. 


The restaurant offered everything fried or grilled chicken -- mostly Oyakodon in different variations. 

Each establishment hands out a device that signals when the orders are ready for pickup.

I had the Fried Chicken Yuzu Pepper Rice Ball with added soup and salad for 1,000 円.

The side salad, as with other salads served in Japan, was crisp and cold -- just how I like it. We had the option to enjoy it with Cheese Sesame or Soy Dressing available at the counter.

I found the chicken a tad bit too salty at the beginning, but when I combined each piece with rice (as intended), it turned out okay.

The addition of the Yuzu sauce to the crunchy, flavourful and juicy chicken pieces was just perfect.

Here's another version of it which I didn't get to try out: Egg and Minced Chicken Rice Ball

Chicken Cutlet Table D'hote

We picked up Gyoza from this establishment just to make the most of the variety we had.

These were darn good gyozas! The fact that they were served piping hot was a bonus. Although one was quite burnt, we enjoyed the huge portioning per piece compared to other gyozas we've tried.
Gyoza [¥ 480]
As we were going through our meal, we spotted one of NIkko's brothers enjoying a huge plate of Omurice.

We immediately asked where he got it from, and agreed to split one between the two of us.

We ended up getting one at the bottom right thinking we'd enjoy getting two flavours in one: Bacon Mushroom with Tomato Sauce and Beef and Onion.

We wasted 880 円 on this. The sauces lacked any texture, tasted bland and artificial.

Trying the other side was also a disappointment.

This Lobster Seasoned Cod Roe with Creamstew Sauce tasted better, with more meat and real-tasting flavours.

Having filled our bellies to the fullest, we set off to another part of Odaiba: the Fuji TV Area where the Decks Tokyo Beach, Aquacity and Divercity are. Yes, it was a looong day.

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