Thursday, May 23, 2013

Odaiba お台場 Tokyo Part III: AquaCity and Sega Joypolis

As we hopped towards the Fuji TV area, we passed by Decks Tokyo Beach, with restaurants, shops and indoor theme parks.

Here's the view as we went towards Aquacity first.

It showcases the Rainbow Bridge that connects Odaiba, an artificial island with Tokyo and a replica of the Statue of Liberty.

I'll show some shops that caught my attention.

Here's a Coca-Cola store that sold anything and everything Coke.

There were a lot of collectibles and items on sale.

I wanted to get these lunchboxes with classic Coke ad designs but ended up not giving it enough justification for purchase :P

Now here's a disturbingly weird shop. I've seen these characters around Japan but it's the first time I've seen a shop dedicated to these weird creatures.

They're basically human faces within vegetable, cow or other odd costumes.

I wonder who buys these stuff.

This one's funny. You can even cut-out your own face and place it within the plush photo frame!

We found the first G-Shock outlet here, where we found some new and exclusive models..  

Like these.

Here's a tip: Having a passport on-hand gets you a 10% discount. 

There's also a Capcom shop

A packed Starbucks

After our quick stroll through AquacCity, we went back to the Deck for Sega Joypolis.

Here's one of its main attractions: the Halfpipe. It's a skateboarding simulation where you gain points as you work in moving the board together with your partner.

The line was continuously long throughout our stay.

Here's the Initial D Stage 4 Limited race simulator that will have players riding in real cars Subaru Impreza WRX, Mazda RX7 and Toyota Truneo.

 People can get foot massages in the middle of running around the theme park.

Then there's this funny and unique shop that combines the regular photo booth with cosplay.

Costumes are preselected and although layouts are encouraged to be preselected as well, you may end up changing your minds in the end. We got the medium-sized layout good for framing.

UFO Catchers were present, and we amused ourselves by watching these guys get two Sonic plush toys in a few minutes.

A section called Sonic Carnival has old school games you'd find well.. in a carnival.

Ever wondered how toys get in balloons? They have this neat contraption where they somehow torture the toys a bit to get them in.

And.. voila!

Since I couldn't take on most of the attractions, we stationed ourselves to wait in this area, where you can have your face planted on seals.

This area had tons of snacking areas to choose from, keeping us well entertained while waiting for the rest.

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