Monday, May 27, 2013

Naokyu Ramen at Shinbashi Station, Tokyo

Train stations in Japan are great spots to find good food. Heading home from Odaiba, we went through the Shinbashi station, an interchange in Tokyo's Minato Ward.

It is said here that Naokyu has been long established (as long as 100 years ago!), producing traditional ramen in pork and chicken broths.

Their Japanese menu

Standard condiments are set on the table with the addition of a pepper mill

We had these very vegetable tasting, slightly bitter gyozas for 300 円 / $3 / Php 124. They weren't bad, but I couldn't say that they were the best.

While waiting for the ramen, it wasn't unusual to be hearing a lot of slurping around us - an evidence that the Japanese businessmen and women were enjoying their dishes.

Nikko got the Koko-uma ramen which has both chicken and pork broth in soy. 
Koko-uma Ramen [¥ 750 / $7.50 / Php 305]
I tried out the Tsuke-men dipping noodles. The vegetables, meat and bamboo shoots were supposed to be separated from the dipping sauce, and the server immediately apologized for having them mixed in. 
Tsuke-men Dipping Noodles [¥ 650 / $6.4 / Php 268]
The egg was cooked to perfection

Being a fresh-ground pepper addict, I sprinkled quite a bunch of it.

I had the noodles prepared cold, giving it that al dente texture. With a good bite, right thickness and freshly-made taste, this was perfect.

Compared to local Tsukemens, the soup was good enough to be slurped directly from the bowl. 

I also appreciated the chunky contents of the small bowl. Very filling! This lasted throughout my huge plate of noodles.

And as with other Japanese restaurants, paying the bill happens as you head out the restaurant.

Throughout our stay, random restaurant finds never missed our expectations mark. It will be effortless to enjoy a food trip when you're here.

Address 1:
2 Shinbashi, Minato, Tokyo Prefecture 105-0004, Japan
+81 3-3574-7279

Address 2:
Toshiba Build. B2, 5-2-1, Ginza
 +81 3-3571-0957

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