Friday, May 24, 2013

Mu Noodle Bar in Greenhills

There's no place more fitting than Mu Noodle Bar to spend Mother's Day lunch, as the character "母" basically means "mother" in Chinese.

We invited my folks to come over to the Greenhills branch, not knowing that the Glorietta 2 branch has already opened.

We were glad to have (1) come early and (2) made a reservation because an attempt to have lunch here the previous week was a total failure. 

When my folks arrived, we started ordering and had the following:

Pork Gyoza
The taste and texture were okay, but we found the sizes inconsistent and slightly small.
Pork Gyoza [Php 150]
Beef Fried Rice
We all agreed how tasty and reasonably priced this dish is. For our group of four, this serving size was just appropriate.
Beef Fried Rice [Php 200]
Oyster Cake
My parents loved this the most. I remember how mom would prepare something similar at home.
Oyster Cake [Php 200]
Red Lamb Curry
This dish immediately stood out from the menu simply because it just does not belong. We decided to try it out since I'm the ultimate curry fan. The verdict -- good as we expected it to be: tender, aromatic and flavourful.
Red Lamb Curry [Php 260]
Season Garlic Vegetables
Since it has been my staple to have some greens per meal, I suggested for us to add this to our table.
Season Garlic Vegetables [Php 160]
3 Cup Chicken
And here's something for the win. Although we regret not getting enough tummy space to try out the noodle dishes from this "Noodle Bar", we believe that this dish is worth coming back for. 

To add, we were seated beside a group of ladies and we overheard how much they've been complimenting the dishes and were even asking whether the chef was local or not. They were so impressed with the dishes that they booked for 15pax for the following day!

This place is not for purists and the menu is sort of a mess, but I like it. It has a simple yet mashed-up menu of Chinese and Japanese that offers an unpretentious venue for casual, good dining. Mu Noodle Bar is a restaurant we'd definitely go back to from time to time. 

Here's their menu:

Mu Noodle Bar
San Juan
197 Wilson St.
Addition Hills, San Juan
+63 (2) 451.2681

Glorietta 2
2/F Glorietta 2, Hotel Drive
Ayala Center, Makati
+63 (2) 556-8739

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