Thursday, May 30, 2013

Happier Pregnancy Days with Fitflop! ❤

If there's one thing that has helped me the most during this pregnancy, it's my pair of Walkstar 3 Fitflops. I used to have a trusty pair of black leather Walkstars, until they got swapped with fakes during one of my yoga classes in Quezon City. Walking and mild exercise is not only great for pregnancy, but is highly recommended to promote wellness. However, as I reached my 6th month, I can no longer enjoy the shopping trips and long walks I'd usually take advantage of, due to the additional weight I've gained so far. The unforgiving heels and balls of my feet start complaining after only a few minutes of walking, thereby limiting me from strolling about.

Walkstar 3 in Mink [Php 3,290 / $78]
My trusty Walkstar 3s in Mink, giving me both additional height and freedom to walk for hours even while pregnant. Gone are the days of me sticking to flat flipflops that don't provide support, or overly high versions that may be unsafe for pregnant women.

When my mom-in-law went out to buy several pairs for her friends and herself last week, I contacted my friend Melody, who's the brand manager of Fitflop here in the country. It has been quite a while since we last chatted, and it was when we invited her and her husband to come to our wedding. The new mom and career woman (whom I called "super mom" during one of our chats) and her team were recently awarded "Shine in Retail", following their last year's "Country of the Year" award. Wow!

A few days after chatting with her, I was surprised to receive two packages from Fitflop via mail! I was looking to buy a darker coloured one to alternate with my Minks (the beige coloured ones), but didn't expect to have two new ones at the same time. To be honest, I felt really spoiled. 

Upon opening the box, I saw a note from Melody saying "Enjoy! ". Enjoy?! I'm going to go nuts with these! Haha.

The first one was the Whirl model in black. I'm glad that I haven't increased my shoe size just yet, but getting these in size 7 still allows for some (unwelcome) foot swelling that may happen.

Not only are they functional (made for long walks!), their designs have also moved towards the stylish, fit for various occasions. Made with suede black straps, these are definitely sexier that my Walkstars.
Whirl in Black [Php 3,790 / $89]
I love the safe height it gives me, that comes with its Microwobbleboard technology said to activate leg muscles due to the slight instability of its multi-density sole. 

As a recent eureka! find for me, I had to find out how these footwear are different from the rest, that it basically solves all my walking woes.

This explains how Fitflop is able to relieve stress off the heels and balls of my feet. The heels can absorb 22% more shock to help relieve joint stress.
Fitflop's Microwobbleboard Technology Explained - source
It also helps redistribute the weight of your foot to achieve better contact areas between the foot and midsole, relieving high pressure areas such as the heel and the ball. So that's why!

Functional, yet wearable. I played dress-up and saw how it suits a skirt nicely, not looking clunky at all.

For the second pair, I spy something sparkly beneath the plastic packaging.

They're these gorgeous looking pair of Astrid in Gold.
Astrid in Gold [Php 3,790 / $89]
Sophisticated yet simple, these are going to be my go-to guys for more special days.

I like how the tag aptly explains how the product works for me. It is indeed caffeine, allowing me to do more and be more on my day to day, especially now that I am pregnant. I haven't used the words "my feet are aching" that will stop me from doing my baby stuff shopping through the malls -- even at 32 weeks pregnant.

As a practical shopper, this brand is definitely worth investing on, as they actually deliver the benefit that they promise. I'd even say "satisfaction guaranteed" would seem fit to add to their product description.

Here's me again on a different day (with my big belly), matching my Gold Astirds with a sparkly belt.

Here are the two new babies side by side, courtesy of Fitflop Philippines. Special thanks to Melody Nubla Tanjimenez for these very thoughtful gifts.

Fitflop has moved towards designing an alternate midsole called "Biomimetix" for those who want the technology but prefers slimmer styles such as ballerina flats. Check out other styles here and go get your own / additional pairs of shopping and travel buddies.

For those who want first dibs of Fitflop's newest styles, they are set to launch the High Summer 2013 models a week from now, on June 8. Here's a sneak peek:

The Way of Tea
Inspired by the aesthetic of the japanese tea ceremony, Fitflop’s high summer 2013 range features four simple, elegant sandals that are set to be summer’s must-haves.

Dress up with the graceful Suisei, encrusted with a comet-tail of crystals, or the florally inspired Hanibira. Worship at the altar of minimalism with the Sho or Bon sandals. There’s a style forevery occasion, and each sandal has our biomechanically engineered, pressure-diffusing microwobbleboard midsole inside, so not only do they look beautiful, they feel incredible, too.

P.S.: Even if counterfeits can try their best to come up with similar designs as the originals, they don't work and feel the same when worn. I personally experienced this when somebody had the audacity of swapping mine with fakes at Bikram Yoga Eastwood last year. The staff asked me to take fakes home so I'd have something to wear, and I gladly declined -- choosing instead to buy a P99 pair of slippers from Seven Eleven next door.

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