Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Balboa at the Shangri-la East Wing

I met up with my MOH (maid of honor) / winglady Lieza last May 3, and selected a restaurant to share some quality time within the new East Wing of the Shangri-la mall. 

Walking through the corridors with mostly boarded-up outlets, we scanned unfamiliar brands and and went for trial and error. Our efforts to try out Ikkoryu Fukuoka went in vain, having us at 9th on the waiting list. We hungry girls couldn't wait any longer so we strolled and went for trial and error.

Then we stumbled upon Balboa. They had an appealing store look that spelled casual yet classy. Not to mention the vacant two-seater staring straight at us at the entrance. 

With the "must try" description to this Carrot Pineapple beverage, I went ahead and got one, requesting for the syrup to be on the side. Despite the serving of a separate vial for syrup, I had the bad feeling that they've mixed some sort of sweetener to the beverage prior to serving. It was too sweet to be any good.
Carrot Pineapple Juice [Php 138]
We also shared Balboa's Signature Salad, with parma ham, gorgonzola, pine nuts and arugula. Nothing spectacular about it.
Balboa's Signature [Php 289]

One of the things we enjoy the most while going out for "girlfriend dates" is pigging out. We eyed another item called Balboa's Signature described as "Baby back ribs meat with Camembert cheese and cherry tomatoes". Because of how poorly made the menu is, it mislead us to ordering a pizza instead, topped with teeny bits of "baby back ribs meat". Just imagine the disappointment that fell on us when we got the confirmation that this was the "ribs" dish we were expecting.
Balboa's Signature Pizza [Php 479]
It was served cold and the presentation didn't help in saving it. The only thing positive about this was the smoked ribs - bits of it and when eaten on their own. It's mostly eating pizza bread with some sort of sweet sauce, and we felt like we were just given the mercy of some scraps of rib meat, cheese and cherry tomatoes.

It was so bad and unappetizing that we had this much leftover, and didn't even request to have it wrapped for take-home.

I'm not certain if it was a factor of ordering the wrong items from the menu, but we played it safe by ordering "Signature" items already. In the first place, why would they have multiple menu items named the same? The separation of menu sections from Starters, Breakfast All-Day, Salads, Soups -128, Pizza was a total mess. I couldn't criticize it more. Shouldn't it be "All-Day Breakfast"? And what about "Soups -128"? Why not indicate the prices beside the menu items, regardless that the two items have the same price? Facepalm.

Also, the too-short uniforms of the staff members were too similar to its sister restaurant Sumo-Sam. It suits the funky, modern theme of Sumo Sam, but not the feel that they are trying to achieve in this restaurant. Good concept, terrible, terrible execution.

 Here's sharing their menu: (click to enlarge)

Level 4, Shangri-La Plaza East Wing
Shaw Boulevard corner EDSA
Mandaluyong City
+63 (932) 878-3984

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