Saturday, May 4, 2013

A Day at the Tokyo Dome City

Baseball is undeniably one of the most celebrated sports in Japan. We spent one of our days in Tokyo wandering around the Tokyo Dome City to check out the second largest baseball stadium in the world, next to the Dodger Stadium.

Within the Tokyo Dome City lies the Tokyo Dome, an amusement park, LaQua mall and spa, a horse race betting complex and video arcade centers.

The Sights
Amidst the grey moody skies, you can spot the two phenomenal structures Thunder Dolphin Rollercoaster and the Big-O Ferris Wheel.

The Wonder Drop ride is designed to route through the LaQua mall, adding more thrill to the ride.

Entering the world of UFO Catchers..

There are those with plush toys

Cookies / candies

Action characters and dancing lights speakers

Keychains and cellphone charms

and of course.. Gashapon machines!

The Shops
Being the home field of the Yomiuri Giants, their souvenirs can be found all over.

Even Sanrio characters are dressed up in baseball gear!

Here's Rilakkuma in different baseball uniforms.

And him as his normal self

The Eats

Of all the selections we had, we ended up having lunch at this place.

We had to take photos of the fake food outside so we could point them to the order taker inside.

Finally, after much confusion, we were able to order our meals and have our lunch.
This is what I ended up having: a Katsudon meal set. Thanks to all the miscommunication, I had an unintended carbo load: a rice meal and a shoyu udon.

The Katsudon was the most ordinary meal I had in Japan.

Only highlight of my meal was the potato salad. With cold mayo-based dressing and some spice, it gave life to my utterly dull meal.

The rest had these:

We all ended up full, but not satisfied. Now I'm looking forward to dinner..

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