Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A Day at the Tokyo Disneyland

We had a blast last year at Tokyo DisneySea, and we wanted to give Tokyo Disneyland a try this time. Here's a fact that I just found out: amongst all Disney Parks around the world, only Tokyo Disneyland DisneySea aren't owned by The Walt Disney Company!

Here's sharing our adventure at "The Kingdom of Dreams and Magic". I grouped them into four sections: the sights, attractions, shops and eats. Enjoy!

The Sights
Sleeping Beauty Castle

One Day Passport

World Bazaar
Since we didn't get to book the shuttle trip to Disneyland from the hotel, we traveled here via train. The travel was quite tiring, and we didn't want to risk having me walk the entire day. It was at this point when we rented for a wheelchair.


It was surprising to find people squatting around. I thought a thing like this happens only in China and in the Philippines. Lol.

It was but normal for people to be wearing Minnie Mouse ears with her trademark bow, animal hats and Disney character jackets.

The Attractions

LINES. WERE. LONG. EVERYWHERE. Compared to DisneySea where we got to ride a handful of attractions, we didn't even attempt to line up for these.

Good thing we passed by the Minnie Oh! Minnie show right before it started.

With a reasonable queue, we also went for Captain EO, Starring Michael Jackson, produced by George Lucas, and directed by Francis Ford Coppola. This legendary attraction started as early as 1987 and continues up to this day. It's almost as old as I am!

A Fast Pass (using my pregnancy state) brought us ahead of the line at the Mosters Inc., Ride and Go Seek

We got to ride a security tram through the Mosters Inc. Factory.

The objective of the game is to aim the flashlights at the Monsters, Inc hats' logos and sets will light up, like this one.

The ride brings back highlights from the movie, like this scene at Harryhausen's (Japanese restaurant ) where Mike Wazowski and Celia spent their first date.

Mike and Celia

We also spent some mind-numbing super boring 15 minutes watching a couple of robotic bears fake-play some musical instruments. This is great for elders and kids.

Other than the ones mentioned, we were also able to take a ride inside Pinocchio's Daring Journey, watch The Enchanted Tiki Room where Stitch presents "Aloha E Komo Mai" and skipped some of those that we've tried in Hong Kong Disneyland.

We also attempted to sit with these squatters for around 10 minutes to watch the parade until we decided that it was just not worth the uncomfortable sitting position.

The Shops


Even the shops were extremely crowded.

The Eats

For lunch, I had this cold salad with the usual soy dressing. Refreshing!

Even here at Disneyland, I didn't pass up the chance at having a curry-based meal. 

Any curry plus Japanese rice? Perfection. I could even finish an entire two-cup serving with just Japanese curry sauce.

I was also able to take a bite of this cute Mickey Glove fried chicken bun.

The ordinariness of the taste was a surprising contradiction from its appearance.

I wonder if they have a real Mickey-shaped burgers around as well?

For merienda, we went through lining up for Turkey Legs! There were two long lines to two different carts of these.


We were actually surprised at how fast the day went, considering that we didn't even line up for the more "thrilling" rides around the park. Despite spending most of the day in a chair, I still ended up pooped (but happy).

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