Monday, April 8, 2013

What Makes Me Giddy These Days

Before, playful texts, phone calls and sweet moments with loved ones would have me smiling from ear to ear. I'm the type who couldn't help it. You'd spot the happy dog smile a mile away. Well.. something new has overtaken all these! Baby's kicks!

I make my days more fun by trying to interpret what the kicks mean: whether its reassurance, feedback of the good food we've just shared or just him starting to train to be his athletic self in the future. I value every moment of this current means of communicating, as he continues to grow.

After watching the movie "What to Expect when You're Expecting" as recommended, I'm glad I'm not feeling the woes some of the characters experienced while they were expecting: uncontrolled bladder moments and insane mood swings. Since I wasn't married too long before we conceived, another perk I'm appreciating is how much my husband is taking care of me. I try not to abuse the extra care and still try to do the things I can do. 

I'm glad that with much care and attention, pregnancy is yet to be the most fun adventure I've taken on by far. 

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