Monday, April 8, 2013

The Mamou Charm is Timeless, Seasonless, Effortless!

Good times are best spelled with M-A-M-O-U. Whether they're birthday celebrations, satisfying a family member's cravings, or us girls simply wanting to pig out while chatting away, Mamou is the place to be.

Even if the restaurant's been here for a while now, coming by on a walk-in basis would still be challenging. All tables were reserved when we arrived!

Warm bread was served while we waited for our orders to arrive.

The Healdsburg's Harvest Salad of greens with sweet tomatoes, glazed pecans, dried cranberries and cranberry stilton cheese with berry vinaigrette came first. What a pretentious start to a carnivorous meal!
Healdsburg's Harvest Salad [Php 325]
For the extreme pasta fanatic, this dreamy Lorenzo's Truffle Cream Pasta is simply to die for. Spaghettini is cooked al dente and is flavoured with truffle cream and Grana Padano cheese. Delizioso!

Feel free to give me the entire serving, anytime.
Lorenzo's Truffle Cream [Php 375]
Mamou's Linguine Vongole's a chart topper as well.
Mamou's Linguine Vongole [Php 365]
I had a little bit of this Roast Pork and Chicken dish of citrus-rubbed pork and chicken, with buttered onions, and red cuban rice. There's the option to get it all-pork or all-chicken, depending on your preference. Tender and "herby", it was just okay, but this is not what you come to Mamou for. Skip to the next meal which is..
Roast Pork and Chicken To Share [Php 595]
The main feat: Their heaven-conjured-and-sent steaks. Fitnesspal and calorie quotas fly out the window as soon as we start talking about these. These Angus Ribeye USDA Prime Grade Steaks (twin sized, approximately at 28oz each) make my mouth water by just looking at the photos. Their signature way of serving it is by tipping the plate on one end so the oil accumulates on the other side, burnt oil marks included.

This medium fare is not allowed for pregnant women, so I had to jump to the medium-well version.
Angus USDA Ribeye Steak, Medium [Php 2,980]
It's great to find the meat tasting as succulent even if it's cooked medium-well. The right balance of crisp charredness on the outside with the tender, juicy beef inside was just perfect.
Angus USDA Ribeye Steak, Medium Well [Php 2,980]
The steaks come with a compliment of two side dishes, and I'd always pick the creamed spinach (no photo) and steak rice every time. 

I understand why the serving size of this Steak Rice is just "side dish" size, considering how sinfully good this is. It tastes like beef fat, which I'd have over chocolate cake calories anytime.

Mamou has its distinct taste that I will go out of the way for any day. I hope you love Mamou as much as we do. 

Unit 1C - 15 G/F Serendra
Bonifacio Global City, Philippines

+63 (2) 856.3569
+63 (2) 909.5741 
+63 (917) 816.2668

Mamou Too! 
Level R1 148A
Rockwell Power Plant Mall, Makati City

+63 (2) 822.6218
+63 (917) 806.2668

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