Friday, April 5, 2013

That Hunan Hole in the Wall: You Jie Xiao Chao

We have been meaning to come back to You Jie Xiao Chao after almost two years since we first tried it out. This unique hole in the wall in the Rockwell vicinity was introduced to Nikko by his classmate in his Chinese Language class, where they had lunch during one of their school days. I was glad he shared this experience by bringing me here for dinner one time. We'd always mention it to friends and family, but never got the chance to come back.

The charm of the restaurant begins with it being signage-free. Luckily, since we've been here before, finding the restaurant didn't pose to be a problem. I've attached a map at the bottom of this post for reference. This is what the exterior looks like, with plain white walls and gates, covering two units of this apartment.

The interiors look the plainest, very much like the interiors of an ordinary house you'd find in the area.

Customers were mostly of Chinese descent, and we found a group of men drinking away close to where we sat. Good thing no one was smoking.

Hunan cuisine is known for its spicy flavours, using cooking techniques such as stewing, frying, braising, and smoking. Although similar to Szechuan cuisine, what sets them apart is the extensive use of fresh chilis in Hunan cuisine, compared to Szechuan cuisine's use of chili bean paste for spiciness.

For our group of three, we had four viands and one fried rice to share, plus a cup of plain rice just for Nikko. He wanted to have the unlimited white rice [Php 20] to match the scrumptious food awaiting us!

We loved the Yang Chow Fried Rice -- served piping hot, that my first spoonful burnt my mouth. This huge cup quickly disappeared as we went through dishes.
Yang Chow Fried Rice [Php 120]

Zi-ran Beef was served first. Although it was a simple presentation, we loved how the colours of the peppper, celery, onions and shallots made it more appetizing. The dish had an Indian smell to it, thanks to the cumin powder added to zest it up. This was easily everyone's favourite.
Zi-Ran Beef [Php 240]
The second dish Fried Smoked Beef looked similar to the first, with green and red colours popping out from a background of dark brown. The taste, texture and aroma however, were all unique to itself. Smoked to perfection, each piece was tender, flavourful and subtly spicy.
Fried Smoked Beef [Php 320]
Next up is the Pork with Celery. This came to taste light and refreshing, comparing to the two heavily flavoured and oily dishes served prior to it. I appreciated the mildness of its flavours combined with the texture of the crisp celery stalks among the pork strips.
Pork with Celery [Php 180]
We added this next dish just to try it out: Hotpot Tofu. We felt that this was too much for our already-full bellies when it was served, but we still managed to enjoy it. This dish had abundant tofu which we found slightly tough, with some pieces of fatty pork.
Hotpot Tofu [Php 350]
And this is the aftermath. We almost wiped everything clean except for a few pieces of the smoked beef. Nikko's little brother was happy with our restaurant selection and wants to come back in the future. Mission accomplished! :)

Here'a sharing their menu. Please click to enlarge:


You Jie Xiao Chao 游姐小炒
6404 Camia Street
Guadalupe Viejo, Makati City


+63 (927) 787.6999
+63 (915) 425.2972

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  1. My friends and I tried this when I read about it over at Our Awesome Planet. The food was pretty good but a bit pricey considering the serving size. I'd love to go back to try their other dishes.

  2. Hi francesyeo. We found it worth it though. Each dish could easily be shared by two, and that goes down to P150-P200 per head. It depends if you prefer variety though. Thanks for dropping by! :)