Friday, April 12, 2013

Part II: Convenience Store Food Spree Japan

After posting general items we found unique within convenience stores in Japan, here are some of the things we actually tried:

I. Yamazaki Sandwiches (
These sandwiches made our days easier and more colourful, since opening each of them was like opening a mystery box. We'd always try to figure out what each artwork stood for in terms of filling.

This may be the oddest variant we've tried: Hamburger patty filled bread. 
Burger Bistro Yamazaki Sandwich [179円 or around Php 74]
The patty was ample-sized covering more than half of the bread.

It tasted a bit dry and not as flavourful as the concept would seem like, considering its more premium extension name of "Bistro Yamazaki".

Egg and Chocolate Variants
The chocolate-filled one's very good that we bought another on a separate occasion for snacking during our Nikko trip.

This was the last and probably the best one we've tried. It combines other flavours of the Yamazaki line that we've tried before: salmon, cream, egg and tuna.

Each flavour's carefully sealed on its own.
II. Kagome and Ito-en Vegetable Juices
Without much supply of greens while in Japan, I made sure to consume at least one serving of these vegetable juices every day.

This one is pure veggies, with a total of thirty mixed vegetables!

This one is a less serious take on the veggie juice, it mixes 21 veggies and flavours of apple, orange and lemon.

This one is my favourite and had it most of the time. 20 mixed veggies are complimented by 5 fruit flavours. The fruit complement makes the drink more forgiving. It's actually yummy!

III. Nissin Cup Noodles / Soup
I recall how I'd always get the regular versions on our trip last year. I'm happy to say that I found little to no difference with all these "light" versions. The calories are at an unbelievable 198 Kcal per serving, compared to 409 Kcal of the regular versions.

This is an example of the caloric content of the regular (non-light) line: 409 Kcal!

IV. Meals
On our last day when we needed to head to the airport before noon, we tried out heavier breakfast options from the convenience store.

Nikko tried out this Yang Chow Fried Rice with a separate order of Fried Chicken.

The rice was just okay, but the chicken was no good at all. It tasted soggy and weird.

I loved the beefy flavour of the spaghetti despite it not having any huge meat bits for texture. The dish was flat and I found it nakaka suya towards the end.

V. Others
Chicken chops and chicken pops would always be Nikko and his brother's quick take-out before heading home, and that's already after a heavy dinner.

We love how succulent this Chicken Chop is, but the layers of visible fat is the ultimate cheat of this yummy treat.

On days when I'd feel sniffly, I'd grab a bottle of C.C. Lemon, promising 70 lemons worth of Vitamin C in every bottle.

We also tried this cute little Latte by Starbucks.

I made my last convenience store meal special. I chose a pancake and a cold cocoa drink on top of the huge spaghetti I had earlier.

I didn't expect to find this darling design of butter and maple syrup sandwiched in between two pancakes. I wasn't intending to finish it all, but I did.

More than being a place for convenience, I love how much variety we had for every need. I was glad that we made fun and quirky choices instead of being stuck with limited options. They're definitely lifesavers.

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