Saturday, April 6, 2013

Our New Best Buddy: The Sony DSC-RX100

After using my Lumix LX3 for almost three years now, we agreed that it's high time to have another camera join the family of GF1 and Fuji X10. Nikko and I have carefully steered away from the DSLRs and have stuck with light point-and-shoot cameras. We are no photographers, just photo enthusiasts. We are also well aware of what comes with those huge cameras: terribly expensive interchangeable lenses.

As we begin to anticipate new adventures this year, we decided to go with Sony DSC-RX100, dubbed to be the one of the "25 Best Inventions of 2012" by Time Magazine. Sorted by price, the list ranges up to $2.5 Billion worth items.

"The Best Pocket Camera Ever Made", according to the New York Times, this wonder is said to bridge the gap between point and shoot cameras and DSLRs, pocket-sized yet provides quality photos with its huge 1" sensor. I recall how much we loved the arrival of the Fuji X10 when we used it in our trips last year. The 1" sensor of Sony RX100 is actually twice of that, and 2.7 times bigger than those similar to its class! Another factor for it becoming part of the Top 25 list is its innovation to fit a 28-100mm f1.8-4.9 lens into such a small body.

The included charger requires charging straight to the camera, unlike the rest of our cameras that need to have the battery removed for charging on their docks. I'm also enjoying the fact that photos are easily transferred via USB as well.

Take note that there are PAL and NTSC versions. Units from Japan are PAL versions, while units from the US are NTSC. NTSC units are more compatible in the Philippines. These versions affect the video recording feature, and the RX100 doesn't have a toggle between the two options. It's buying either one of the two versions. The difference is that PAL version can record in 1080/50P while NTSC version can record in 1080/60P.

When we visited Yodabashi in Tokyo, we spotted the PAL version RX100 on display, and being sold at 52,500 円 or around Php 21,600.

Fancy accessories such as skins, straps and cases are available for the RX100.

The unit cost us approximately $649 or Php 25,000 - 26,000 when we purchased it last December in Hong Kong. We are glad to have this welcome addition to our small family of cameras!

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