Thursday, April 18, 2013

My Value for Antioxidants and Juicing with Hurom

The first time I spotted these handsome cold-press juicers was when we were looking for a heavy duty blender at Rustan's. While the family discussed the pros and cons with the merchandisers, I was able to try Matstone-juiced malunggay leaves mixed with pineapple. I was told that the only way for Malunggay to move through the auger is to include some juicy fruit to the passageway.

Ever since I had a taste of that pineapple-malunggay juice, I've dreamt of owning one in preparation for breastfeeding and for general well-being. Green juices weren't new to me, since I have been drinking powdered wheatgrass and green barley on a daily basis.
Health Wealth Green Barley
e-Phamax Wheatgrass Shot
Prior to getting pregnant, I made sure I had the combination of A-E-C-Glutathione as recommended by the Say No to Cancer book by Patrick Holford. From time to time, I'd even pop raw chopped garlic before heading out.
My Vitamin Routine Pre-Pregnancy
I realized that an easier way to pack more antioxidants to my diet is through juicing. However, juicing has its pros and cons. It's not gonna be a good idea to juice if what's going to be extracted would be mostly fruit. Since juicing separates the fiber from the juice, you are basically serving yourself concentrated sugar. It would then be better to just consume the fruit in its raw, naked form.

I did my research on the types of juicers before deciding to purchase one. After seeing the benefits of slow or "masticating" juicers (Matstone, Hurom) compared to centrifugal ones (e.g. Jack LaLanne), I set out to get our unit. 
Hurom Chrome Model [Php 17k+]
The difference between the Chrome model and the usual White and Green model is just the finish. I had to weigh whether that was worth the Php 3,000 price difference, but pushed through with Chrome since it will suit the kitchen better.

For the very few occasions that we have tried to juice, here are the combinations we've tried:

Pineapple + Carrot + Apple + Cucumber + Ginger

Cucumber + Tomato + Carrot + Apple

Apple + Carrot + Tomato + Mango + Ginger

Apple + Pear + Carrot + Beets 

I find Beets more tolerable when juiced.

Po lun chay (Chinese spinach) + Cucumber + Beets + Pineapple + Ginger

The bowl of goods generated around 6oz of juice, just right for a shot.

Nikko's a fan of Martinelli's Apple Juice and makes sure to take a shot everyday. He tried making pure apple juice himself using the Hurom.

So far, I have not gone out of my way to purchase more ingredients to match the recipes I've found online. These are just make-up recipes from the produce I've found around the house. I just try to make sure to add dark colored food (reds, oranges and greens) to the chute and then top it with a flavour distracting fruit. Recipe-based grocery shopping is next on my list. 

Here's Patrick Holford discussing how sugar, fried food, smoking, lack of sleep and white food depress the immune system, and how Vitamins C, A, E, D, B Vitamins, Glutathione, Selenium, Zinc, are some of the most powerful antioxidants out there.

Boost Your Immune System

Say No To Cancer

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