Saturday, April 20, 2013

My First SK-II Purchase: Miracle Water

I first heard about SK-II from my brother around two years ago when he was based in Hong Kong. The improved glow to his face had me asking what he had been using. His skincare was simple: Clarins cleanser and the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence.  

As we were about to leave Japan, we spotted SK-II booths in several Duty Free outlets within the Narita airport. I was hesitating to purchase one since it will technically be my first most expensive skincare product. It wasn't until the last few minutes when I decided to get some myself. 

The best thing with Duty Free is the limited and sometimes exclusive product promos they have. I got the Spring Coffret 2013 package as seen below:

The package includes one piece of Whitening Source Revival Mask, a 30ml Cellumination Mask-In Lotion and a 215mL bottle of their famous Facial Treatment Essence.
Spring Coffret 2013 [around \15,000]
This package drove me to get one, since buying just the 215mL bottle would already be at \14,000. I also considered that the prices would be cheaper since these are made in Japan. (Nordstrom prices the single bottle at Php 8,600)

So what's behind this magic elixir? 

This unique pitera-rich product moisturizes to improve texture and clarity for a more beautiful, glowing complexion. It also helps stimulate the natural renewal process of the skin's outer layer to rebalance and bring harmony to your skin. Women are so passionate about it that they describe it as their 'holy water.' It contains over 90% pure pitera, the seemingly magical ingredient found in all SK-II products. Rely on it daily to moisturize instantly and renew skin's surface for a smoother texture. Skin absorbs the benefits almost on contact. The result is supple, smooth, radiant skin.
- By SK-II. 

Quite convincing, right. People look at it as a long term investment to ensure younger looking skin. Personally, I've noticed clearer, more translucent skin ever since I started using it.

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