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Japan: Mister Donut, Krispy Kreme and NY Doughnut Plant Shops and Products

After taking a week-long vacation from blogging, I'm back! It's great to actually feel the vacation this time, compared to last year's Holy Week Japan trip when I had to check my laptop from time to time to manage work emails, forecasts and sales.

Here is sharing a documentation of our visits to Mister Donut and Krispy Kreme shops in Osaka and Tokyo Japan. *For quick conversions to Peso, divide indicated Yen by two.

I. Mister Donut
Mister Donut Japan is the brand's headquarters across Asia. We didn't see much outlets but among those that we stumbled upon, each store had a different shop look from the rest. 
Outlet at Nipponbashi, Osaka
Outlet at Namba, Osaka
Outlet at Akihabara, Tokyo
Promotional Materials and Areas
Mister Donut among other brands participate in promoting the Cherry Blossoms Season through the launching of this seasonal product.

Doughnut pops were also being promoted, in eight varieties and flavours.

One of the more popular mascots of the brand, "Pon de Lion" is featured in different merchandising materials which can be claimed only through a Misdo Points Collecting Card. I want these!

Sakura Doughnuts, Partially Dipped Cake Dougnuts, Coffee and Dimsum were the items up on the menuboards during the time of visit.

Coffee and tea were kept warm in vacuum containers, meaning not all are freshly brewed at the time of order. Hmmm.

The Japanese being experts of space optimization, used vertical equipments along with smart stack-ons.

Product Display and Products
The doughnuts were definitely fatter and plumper in Japan compared to all locally present brands in the Philippines. It's close to the size of the doughnuts sold in Starbucks. Products displayed prominently are the Pon de Ring, the Cruller, and the Old Fashioned Doughnut.
Pon de Ring: Second from Left, Top Row
Cruller: Fourth from the Left, Middle Row
Crullers: Three Trays on Top
Old Fashioned Doughnut: Second to Last from Left, Middle Row

Cruller with Pink Icing, Partially Dipped in Sakura Glaze
Cruller with White Icing, Partially Dipped in Vanilla Glaze
See how crullers dominate this showcase.

Partially Dipped in Chocolate Glaze
Partially Dipped Old Fashioned Doughnut
Colourful Doughnut Pops
Here are two of my favorites. I've always loved Bavarian Doughnuts, but I've never had one like this.. ever! Fattest ones I've ever seen, these are filled with custard-like cream, more flavourful than our local Bavarian fillings.
Plump Bavarian Doughnuts. They're almost spherical!
These Curry Filled Doughnuts are the best. They have crunchy breading and are filled with warm curry.
Plump Kariman Style Curry Filled Doughnuts: Right

The Glazed Pon de Ring was chewy, with just the right sweetness. This has been copied exactly by Mister Donut Philippines! The Churros however, was tough to chew through.

Here's showing their dimsum menu, which I found quite odd.

II. Krispy Kreme
The outlet we spotted looked uniform to the outlets here and in Japan.

It's the same for the element of simplicity and clutter-free menuboards. Something that stood out here is the promotion of Sakura dozen doughnuts, which I earlier mentioned, is a well-celebrated season across Japan.

In-store Production

I loved how this Sakura Doughnut smelled like flowers and tasted lightly sweet. I easily wolfed one down on the way to our next destination.

III. Doughnut Plant New York City
We spotted this US brand on the way to our hotel in Tokyo, and promised to try it out on our next visit.

Their products are proudly handmade, with no eggs used.

That's all for our doughnut adventure throughout Japan.
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