Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Having the Privilege of Being a Metrophoto Bride

These days, prenup photoshoots are as important as the wedding dresses themselves. I don't remember attending a wedding without this element for quite some time now. Not many people know about the fact that we actually had two sessions of prenup photoshoots, one in Beijing with a local photographer, and another, at Corito's Garden with Metrophoto.

To be honest, we couldn't stand the outcome of the China layout that a month from our wedding date, we made the decision to have another set done. Good thing we've booked Metrophoto for our on-site photography services already, so we just had to tweak the deal we had with them to include the prenup photo shoot.

We were on the road when we heard that the Metrophoto team was already at the venue. Fearing the traffic, Oly made the extra effort to leave his destination early. Yes, he's quite the professional. He was attentive, very hardworking and always went the extra mile. I'd sometimes feel sorry for him because he'd be running around tirelessly, excited to get the next good shot. Working with him on the prenup shoot gave us the assurance that we made the right choice for our on-site wedding photography. I don't just call him Oly Ruiz, but Master Oly Ruiz.

On their blog / website, they are currently featuring their Metrophoto Bride Campaign which they have annually. 

This is their write-up of last year's campaign:
“Despite the thousands of brides getting married every year, a lot of people can clearly see the distinction of a Metrophoto Bride. Be it their passion to be unique, their desire for the finer and better things in life, their understanding of what really is beautiful and creative, their will-power to do what seemingly was impossible, or oppositely their lack of effort in being beautiful and stylish. These and a lot of other wonderful things set the Metrophoto Bride apart from everyone else and these are what we are bringing forth in our The Metrophoto Bride campaign."

I was glad to see them feature one of our shots on one of their posters.

Here's sharing some of the shots taken from our e-session.

Wedding photographs should be looked at as an investment. If you're already spending for the dress, the venue and the food, why wouldn't you want them and the most special day of your lives be documented through flawless photography?

We also thank Jo Ticzon for make-up and Debra Bernales for the styling.

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