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Gyu-Kaku now in the Philippines

We have been looking forward to Gyu-Kaku's opening ever since we spotted it through its construction last February. On its first week, the foreign brand had its fair share of good and, well.. not so good criticisms. We still decided to give it a try.

Kando Sozo means to "exceed customer's expectations and create memorable experiences". This is the philosophy of REINS' as well as all brands they handle, including Gyu Kaku. Let's see how this applies.

Mirrors make the slim ground floor dining area seem larger that it is.

Similar to P.F. Chang's next door, it takes two flights of stairs to get to the second floor.

You will find the restroom in between the two flights of stairs.

Elders, hold on to the rails heading up!

Here's where you'll find the restaurant's kitchen.

Let's see what this non-traditional Yakiniku restaurant has in store. 

Shortly after we gave out our orders, a waiter dedicated to serve and pick-up coals to the tables delivered ours, shouting "Charcoal Coming!" on the way.

To start, we ordered a small serving of Assorted Sausages.

We also got Shabu-Shabu Grill, thinly sliced tender beef served with dippng sauce.

We felt the need to try out this 200g Tenderloin as well.

For a different spin to rice, we went for Plain Yakionigiri rice balls for grilling. There's the option for flavoured versions such as salmon, plum or cod roe. 

The Gindara and Scallop Foil Grill came to us in foil packaging, for opening only after they're cooked.

Disposable aprons were provided for when we start grilling.

The sausages as appetizers went in first.
Assorted Sausages Small [Php 145]

These were really good. I love how the hot cheese oozes out as you bite through its slightly crisp outer shell. It's great that they come in two serving sizes. A must-try!

The two seafood dishes went in early since we figured they'd take longer to cook.

3pcs. Yakionigiri [Php 195]
These Yakionigiris come with soy sauce. I highly suggest adding the soy sauce when the rice balls reach your plates to prevent them from breaking up while on the grill.

These thin strips of Shabu-Shabu Grill Beef didn't really need any of the sauce since they're already flavourful as it is. 

We also tried adding the included sweet sauce while grilling.

Sweet and spicy sauces are available and ready for all the meat we're consuming.

I had to cook mine well done. I wondered if this was the reason why I found these supposedly tender meat tough, but I checked with Nikko who cooked his set medium, and he agreed with me. Unlike the thin strips of beef, these weren't as flavourful.
Tenderloin 200g [Php 925]
When we tried to check how the seafood were cooking, servers came and attended to the foil checking and opening. They should have informed us that they will be coming back to check on them when they're ready, instead of having us guess. For the first try, they sealed what we opened and told us to wait a little while longer.

The Garlic Scallops were just ordinary. Instead of getting three pieces, we actually got two and a half. These were no good considering the taste and quantity.
3pcs. Garlic Scallops [Php 145]
The Gindara was okay, tender as expected. The ponzu sauce was light and not as citrusy as I thought it would be.
Ponzu Gindara [Php 175]

What we appreciate with Yakiniku-style restaurants is that you get to spend more time chatting while cooking. Gyu-Kaku's pricing isn't as expensive as we thought, but we found certain serving sizes too small. Considering that they boast of quality ingredients, I wonder what happened to the tenderloin batch which lacked both juiciness and tenderness. The mixed sausages, shabu-shabu beef strips are worth coming back for.

The restaurant had its VIP Night last April 4, followed by its grand opening the day after. Global Restaurant Concepts Inc. is the company responsible for bringing in Gyu-Kaku, with 800 locations within Japan. They also own the exclusive franchise of California Pizza Kitchen, PF Chang's, Morelli's Gelato, IHOP, and Mad for Garlic.

Here are the pages to the Gyu-Kaku Menu (click to enlarge):

W Global Center, 30th St cor 9th Ave
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
BGC, Fort Bonifacio, The Fort
+63 (02) 687.5611
+63 (918) 917.2611

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