Saturday, April 13, 2013

Bugis Singapore Street Food

For the first high school barkada get together of the year (with just half of all of us), we decided to meet-up within the vicinity of Banawe. It was Charlene's task to recommend a restaurant, and she suggested Bugis Singapore Street Food. Being with the same group in Singapore a few years back, it was a timely reminder that we should start planning another barkada out-of-country trip soon.

We ordered the much-recommended Singapore Laksa (thick rice noodles in coconut curry soup) to share, served on a steamboat.
Singapore Laksa [Php 180]

The soup base was very good, as well as the seafood balls and noodles in it. It had very few pieces of shrimp and almost no trace of vegetable garnish. It's reasonably priced considering its serving size.

Since they knew how much I loved curry, we ordered a pot of Chicken Curry with Rice. This was a disappointing mess not only that it looked nothing like the photo on the menu, it basically tasted like creamed chicken. It didn't even have a tinge of curry smell. What gives?
Photo from the Menu
Actual Chicken Curry [Php 180]
Nothing special with this Porkchop Rice.
Porkchop Rice [Php 135]

I didn't get to try this Beef Teriyaki but loved the presentation.
Beef Teriyaki [Php 155]

On the flipside, let me tell you that Bugis serves the best fresh juices in Banawe.
Fresh Orange Juice [S, Php 79 and L, Php 95]
Overall, what I liked in Bugis was the Laksa and their fresh juices. I will try more of their seafood balls aka "numnums" such as Fish Tofu, Fish Cake, Lobster Balls, Breaded Lobster with Cheese, Tiger Rolls (my ultimate favorite), Crab Balls, Squid Balls and more, fried or dipped in curry sauce at Php 25-35 per stick.

On a separate occasion, I was looking for fresh juice around Banawe one morning. We drove around two streets, and headed Eat Fresh (on a parallel street to N. Roxas). Good thing it was still closed, because we then went to Bugis recalling the fresh juice experience I had here.

I got there when they were setting up and figured they just opened shop.

I was impressed to see that they are using Hurom juicers to prepare their fresh juices! The server explained that she was taught the value of these masticating juicers compared to ordinary juicers by the owners, and how these are able to preserve "enzymes". Naks.

Expertly peeling what I think are four oranges, she chats away explaining that their fruits are specially sourced from one distributor, to ensure the quality and quantity of the juice extracted. Since inventory-wise, they are required to use a standard number of oranges per serving, the customers would be expecting a more-or-less same level of juices out of it regardless.

I appreciate how honest this experience was. Bugis investing in two units of Php 15,000 (each) Hurom juicers to ensure customer satisfaction was awesome.

Wonder when vegetable juice bars like Nekter will start coming in?

Here's sharing the Bugis: Singapore Street Food Menu:

Bugis Singapore Street Food
1 Nicanor Roxas street Quezon City, Quezon City, Philippines

+63 (02) 732 6490


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