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New York Supreme in Angeles

New York Supreme has been recommended quite a few times by family friends based in Pampanga. We traveled for one hour for dinner that night, reaching Angeles at around 6:30pm. The owner welcomed us as we entered, already anticipating our arrival. 

There's a huge pylon signage outside the restaurant that will ensure that you won't miss it. It's located beside Mar's Japanese restaurant. 

For a man who was supposedly tired from operating the restaurant, the owner had loads of stories to tell. He was sharing how all ingredients for the restaurant are purchased daily and prepared fresh only upon order, which is why he made sure that the restaurant's kitchen would have ample space for his team to move around. 

You could tell his oozing passion from the way he tells his stories, sharing with us how he got the skills and knowledge in preparing pizza. Imagine, if you had your own special recipe that's making your restaurant tick, would you be sharing this information? I wouldn't. But due to his persistence, he was able to convince an old Italian man from the US to share his. According to "Egay", the owner's nickname, he was intrigued with the quality of pizza that he prodded the man to give him his recipes by visiting him during his days off, helping with dough mixing in the mornings.

We noticed how blood red everything is, not what you'd expect from a pizza-pasta restaurant.

The restaurant was packed when we arrived.

The food:

The Italian vinaigrette salad was refreshing, with lettuce, alfalfa, arugula, and topped with crisp-fried chicken. We noted however, that it was drowning with vinaigrette and recommended for the dressing to be on the side instead.
Italian Vinaigrette Salad [Php 245]
The mussels had too much cheese that you won't be able to enjoy the flavours of the mussels.
New Zealand Mussels [Php 240] 

Our family friend highly recommended for us to order their roast beef, even suggesting that we call in our orders in advance to make sure they have ample stocks of this best seller, described as "beef chuck roasted to perfection and topped with creamy gravy and mushrooms". We found this dish a little too salty and not tender as expected.
NYS Roast Beef with Rice [Php 245]
Next up is my favourite: their pizza. We got the NYS Special, with pepperoni, italian sausage, bacon, mushrooms, green and red peppers and black olives said to be baked with three cheeses. 

I haven't had pizza like this. The layers of toppings seem to never end. I enjoyed every bite of it. "Egay" told us that all their pizza dough are hand tossed, prepped right before serving. He assured us that reheating it even after three days would have it tasting as good. 

We also had an order of their pizza roll, similar to C's panizza. Being fans of the original C and Chef Chris' cooking at My Kitchen, we found this not comparable to C's. The dough was slightly undercooked, too thick -- almost similar to a thin crust pizza.
NYS Ham and Mushroom Pizza Roll with Bleu Cheese [Php 595]
It comes with arugula and alfalfa, similar with C's panizza concept.

We loved the buffalo wings, which doesn't taste like the usual spicy-sour version. This one's more on the sweet side.
NYS Buffalo Wings [Php 235]
I loved the italian sausage parmigiana and the thick cheese layer that came with it, and was glad it was set right in front of me. NYS is proud of how they make their marinara, from whole tomatoes, cooked for seven hours and with twelve herbs.
NYS Italian Sausage Parmigiana [Php 195]
The first thing we noticed with this baked beef and cheese ravioli was the plating. We didn't know where to start, so we ended up destroying some pieces to get our share. We found this just okay.

The seafood pesto pasta was sadly, very bland. Neither hint of basil nor cheese can be tasted. It's served with a piece of knotted bread.
NYS Seafood Pesto Pasta [Php 245]
For dessert, we were given complimentary Italian doughnuts, that although were described as "crispy" on the menu, weren't that at all. Everyone liked these except me. It tasted like uncooked dough on the inside. 
Zippolis [Php 65]
By the time we were done eating, "Egay" was still telling stories about how they started and how faith in God guided them to succeed. Table turnover was good, and the restaurant would be full every time we turned around, always comprised of new sets of faces.

I found their menu slightly confusing, since they make a new item name for minor recipe tweaks. There were tons of incorrect grammar as well. Nonetheless, people should definitely come here for the regular pizza, and some of the pasta.

New York Supreme Angeles
McArthur Highway
Balibago, Angeles City 
+63 (045) 892 5118

Here's sharing their menu:

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