Sunday, March 17, 2013

Hong Kong: Ippudo

This visit to Ippudo at Causeway Bay was my second try at it, having tried it out in Silvercord Hong Kong branch as well. We loved how we are ensured of happily filled tummies without much fuss and we usually get to finish our meals in a short span of time.

Instead of having bowls displayed on one side of the wall, this branch had red and white coloured ladles that spelled IPPUDO. I was only able to see the pattern when we took this photo!

A long table is available for groups, or for random people to share the space.

"The 25-year old recipe requires the slow cooking over long hours to achieve a perfect emulsion of oil and liquid, creating a rich and powerful Tonkotsu that enhances the flavour of pork–bone topped with IPPUDO's secret miso, garlic oil, lean slices of pork, black fungus, soybean sprouts and scallions." -

Since we were all intending to have a quick meal, I wasn't able to go around and take photos of others' orders, only mine and Nikko's. He got the Tokyo Shoyu with an added soft boiled egg [+HKD 10]. The noodles remained consistently firm and the rich chicken clear soup gave it a unique and light aroma.

Tokyo Shoyu [HKD 88 or around Php 467]
I tried out Ippudo Karaka which I've never had before, and topped it with add-on bamboo shoots [+HKD 10]. I loved the rich body of the Tonkotsu soup base and the surprise of the spicy miso.  It made every slurp a unique and tingling experience! Different levels of spiciness are available for this.

Ippudo Karaka [HKD 98 or around Php 519]
Check out their complete menu via this link.

With the recent opening of Santouka Ramen, and hearing rumours about Ippudo's entry to the Philippine market, we couldn't get any more excited with this huge ramen phenomenon sweeping the Philippines!

Ippudo Hong Kong
Causeway Bay
2F, 8 Russell Street
Causeway Bay
Hong Kong
+852 2892 2387

Tsim Sha Tsui
Shop No. 20 Silvercord
2nd Floor, 30 Canton Road, TST Hong Kong
+852 2957 8893

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