Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Here's a Piece of Heaven: Prenatal Massages

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Massages, along with caffeine, alcohol and raw food are on the top of the banned list once that double line appears on the Pregnancy Test. Some people have a hard time adjusting immediately to a totally different lifestyle, but lucky for me, God gave me the natural will to say no to these. My last full body massage was on the day before my wedding, and that was last October 19. The days after that were a rollercoaster ride, combining work, Euro trip, and finally finding out I'm pregnant -- already too late to have my next massage! (Argh).

I patiently ignored all urges to get a massage, and missed the smell of my old massage spots Ahavia, Bluewater Day Spa and Cinese (all en-route home from work). During one of our girl talks, Lieza mentioned how her older sisters had been going to Neo Day Spa for their prenatal massages when they were pregnant with their children. Seeing how many kids they've each had, and how healthy they turned out to be, it opened my eyes to the idea of having a massage while pregnant.

Contrary to popular belief, massage if done correctly is actually beneficial for pregnant women. According to WebMD, massage may have a number of positive effects including:
  1. Lowered anxiety
  2. Decreased back and leg pain
  3. Improved sleep
  4. Decreased levels of the stress hormone norepinephrine
It also improves the mood of depressed pregnant women! Who would want a cranky, whiny pregnant woman shouting out her food cravings, right? 

I searched for alternatives for Neo Day Spa like The Spa and Bluewater Day Spa. We were excited to go to The Spa with my high school buddy Charlene (we're almost pregnant at the same time!) but found out a few hours prior to our treatment that they only have scalp and facial treatments for pregnant women, no body massages at all. 

Instead of trying anything else, we went for Neo Day Spa at the Fort. Here's their service description and pricing, available for women on their second trimester forward:

My massage therapist Mau is heaven-sent. She's one of the senior therapists there, specializing in Prenatal and Postnatal care. All the pleasures of massage came back to me, and the feeling of getting relief from my back, hips and legs was incomparable. Different to regular massages, prenatal massage requires you to lie down on one side and hug a body pillow for comfort. Same pressure can be applied to the tops of the back, with normal to light pressure as they reach nearer the lower back. I also notice that they almost do not touch the ankles, but continue with normal pressure on the bottom of the feet.

For one and a half hour of service, the rate is Php 1,550. The room, service were excellent, and my only complaint would be the cramped locker areas wherein I had to wait for the person finishing up before I can take my turn to collect my items.

We visited another time, and finally I was convinced to purchase this Php 10,000 worth of service from them (which they call "membership"), that comes with two GCs. It appeared okay to purchase since the lady on the front desk explained to me that the two free GCs are both convertible to Prenatal and Postnatal massages. After confirming and giving my card, another lady came and said just ONE of them can be converted, and one will remain to be Swedish, which I cannot use. I was mixed with being too relaxed and in a hurry that I did not bother to complain. It was funny that they are calling it a membership when the "member" won't get any discounts for future visits, and basically what they're selling is a bulk sold prepaid card / GC with freebies.

Come to think of it, I was kinda duped. Anyway, I can just give it away as a gift, or have my husband come with me one time. Nonetheless, I loved it here, and will continue coming back for my prenatal and postnatal massages. Just be careful if they try to sell you a deal like this :)

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