Monday, February 18, 2013

Kichitora Tokyo at Megamall

It has been almost three months since Kichitora has opened in Megamall, and we had the chance to pass by when we picked up some preordered items from one of the shops.

Ramen and any hot soup has been my best friend these past few months, using it as my weapon against morning sickness. It was an easy yes for me when Nikko recommended for us to try this one out.

The restaurant looked humble from the outside, with a tunnel type layout accommodating a moderate amount of seats. With an open kitchen, customers can see the jolly ramen masters at work.

Inside, restaurant walls are decorated differently. For the front section, this tiger designed four-panel Byōbu covers most part of the wall.

Followed by this collage of various Japanese-inspired cloth designs which I loved.

At the end of the tunnel, a small function room is available for use for a more private dining experience.

We agreed to have a light meal, so here goes.

Nikko had the best seller Special Chashu Ramen with Ma Oil, as recommended, and added an Ajitama (soft boiled egg) on the side. He found the flavour full of body, rich but not overpowering. He loved everything about it, except for the ground pork he would occasionally find between bites.

Special Chashu Ramen with Ma Oil [Php 395]
Add Ajitama [+Php 40]
I tried the Paitan Tsukemen, and went against the server's recommendation to have it served cold. This dish was a delightful surprise for me, with flavours I've never tried before. I knew it was chicken, but it was also exploding with other flavours I can't explain. Finding menma or lactate-fermented bamboo shoots swimming in my soup made the dish more fun, adding texture and making every sip unique. I should make it a point to try this out straight from Japan when we visit in a few months!

Paitan Tsukemen [Php 380]
The Gyoza was served towards the middle of our meal, looking quite sorry. 

When I tried to pick up one, the wrapper just fell apart. It ripped open where it's supposed to be sealed. Nikko tried to grab a second one, and the same thing happened. I hope it was just a mishap. The incident influenced our impression of the taste, and we found it just ordinary.

5-piece Gyoza [Php 150]

Despite the Gyoza falling apart, our overall experience at Kichitora was good. It should be tried out by anyone looking for a new place for eats not only within SM Megamall, but also around the metro.

Kichitora of Tokyo
Address: 2F Mega Atrium
SM Megamall

+63 (02) 451.2218

Here's sharing their menu from their Facebook page:

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  1. i miss kichitora! wonder what happened to your gyoza.. super love their paitan ramen :)

  2. i dream of the paitan tsukemen's flavours, and want to try out the paitan ramen next time! thanks for dropping by Berylle :)