Friday, February 22, 2013

Harlem Shake Phenom!

The internet meme has gone viral and thousands of videos have been posted on YouTube since a group of Japanese boys uploaded the first video last January 31.

It starts off with a single person dancing around a group of people, who seem unaware of his presence in the room. At one point of the song (around the 15 second mark), the camera shifts to everyone joining in either half naked, wearing costumes, and doing crazy dance moves. The reason why it's easily replicated is shortness of the actual videos (around 30seconds) and the randomness of the dance moves, as well as the confidentiality of it (you can wear a mask or costume and just act insane as hell!).

Watching the first few ones had me cracking up, but the latter ones started to bore me. Here's one compilation I found on YouTube by mobius88. The first one features the pioneers Filthy Frank, not yet the meme everyone's copying. They later made another one of the Harlem Shake concept.

As of today, the song hit the Billboards charts Hot 100 at the peak, on its first week in. Baauer, the electronic musician is said to be the first "unknown" artist to have done this.

Let's see if this hype will go as long as how "Gangnam Style" went!


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