Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Beyonce: Life is But A Dream

Beyonce has always been very private about her personal life, that we rarely see any scandals or TMZ reports following her. This documentary showed her more human, softer side, different from the usual glamorous goddess that we see whenever she performs.

I got alternates of being teary-eyed and getting goosebumps watching her, and I loved how she combined her powerful performances with really sensitive scenes where she reveals things we've never seen or heard of before.. such as her miscarriage, her real feelings on firing her dad, and some of her intimate moments with Jay-Z. There were parts when she would continue with her dance practices, routines and performances despite being pregnant, and looking extremely fabulous at them. It was advised by her doctor "if the baby is meant to be here, everything's going to be okay".

The film debuted last February 16, breaking HBO's documentary ratings records. 

This is one of the scenes I really loved. She was appreciating the beautiful nature that God made, their hard work and her best friend, her husband.

This is the part where she got real giddy, having felt her baby kick for the first time. Coincidentally, as I am writing this, mine has kicked four sets already. 
"I was laying in my bed and 
I felt the baby kick for the first time
it made me cry
it kicked five times
I'm so excited. 
I've been waiting for that moment"

A gorgeous silhouette. This does not look like 57 lbs weight gain at all.
"being pregnant is much like being in love
you are so open, you are so overjoyed
there's no words that can express
having a baby growing inside of you
so of course you want to scream it out"

The film was topped with this special cherry-- Blue Ivy Carter's appearance. She never showed her face to the public before, and I must say it is the perfect moment for her debut to the world.
 "I pray for my daughter all the time. 
God is real, and God lives inside of me and inside all of us. 
It doesn't matter where I am. 
I know that and I feel it, it's love. 
I feel it when I look at my child, I feel it when I look at my husband. 
It's God."

Watching this made me appreciate my journey with pregnancy even more. Seeing her together with her husband had me missing mine a whole lot more especially that he's 800 miles away this week. This is a must watch for everyone, and I promise, it's not just for the fans. However, I must warn you that you may just become one of them after watching this.

You may check out the local TV listings for schedules of Beyonce: Life is But A Dream on HBO.

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  1. i've seen a few part of this documentary, her preps for the concert. but i haven't seen the last part. baby blue carter looks like her father but better!

    congrats on your pregnancy! im sure you'll enjoy motherhood too!

  2. I agree, baby blue carter does look like JayZ. Good thing she has her mom's feminine features as well :) thanks for passing by, will check out your blog as well!