Friday, January 18, 2013

Temple Run 2: Start early for your high score!

I don't have much games on my iPhone, using my it greatly for organizing my life and taking photos. The only game that got me hooked since my failed attempts at Angry Birds is Temple Run! Temple Run has kept me busy during our bullet train rides and airport waiting times in China last year. 

Just three days ago, Imangi released Temple Run 2. The new version boasts of better graphics, new obstacles, more power ups, and special powers per character. More realistic chest-tightening, heart-stopping scenes for sure. I tried it yesterday, getting to 1.5M points and haven't been able to top it since.   The more dynamic environment requires more focus and attention compared to the original version. Highest score challenge is up!

Scarier Heights
Mine Cart Rides

Score as of January 25:

Score as of January 31:

Score as of February 7:


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