Sunday, January 6, 2013

Mitsuyado Sei-men: The House of Tsukemen

We were asked for a lunch options around Makati last December 7, and I immediately recommended Mitsuyado Sei-men. I have been hearing a lot about the restaurant, franchised and operated by the UCC Group. 
We didn't have a hard time looking for it, since it's just along Jupiter street, a block away from Mangetsu and in between major roads EDSA and Makati Avenue.

I called the restaurant in advance for a reservation, but they were allowing for walk-in customers only during peak hours that time. We were lucky to have gotten a table when we got there, at around 12nn already.

The restaurant has a unique and authentic Japanese feel for the interiors. I found it reminiscent of this   ramen house we visited in Nara, Japan last April.
We stalled and waited for our companions, consuming a plateful of Gyoza and Chicken Karaage. The gyoza was very good: slightly toasted at the bottom and juicy on the inside. I had to ask the waiter for Gyoza sauce to learn that we get to mix it ourselves using the sauces available on the table. 
Because we enjoyed them too much, we ordered another set for our companions to try because we finished the dish entirely. 
Pork Gyoza [P180]

The karaage tasted like ordinary fried chicken, made unique by the sauce.
Chicken Karaage [P190]
Tsukemen basically means "dipping noodles", wherein the sauce is served separately from the noodles. All of us got Tsukemens, all excited to try the distinct product offering. The "fully loaded" variant Marutoku offers different tastes and texture along the way, with Char-siu, japanese egg, nori and vegetables. Nikko complained however, that the sauce was too tasty.
Marutoku Tsukemen [P340]
The cheese sauce tsukemen caught my eye, but I chose to get the one with curry dipping sauce just for kicks.
Cheese Curry Tsukemen [P340]
I loved the cheese texture that had coarseness Japanese cheese sauces have. The taste is subtle and good, not overpowering and Cheez Whiz-like at all.

I enjoyed most part of my meal, but found it "nakaka umay" already towards the end. I would suggest to add toppings to this dish combo.

Mitsuyado Sei-men offers regular ramen and Japanese chow for the purists out there. I will definitely come back to try their other offerings.

Mitsuyado Sei-Men (The House of Tsukemen)
22 Jupiter Street, Brgy. Bel Air, Makati City, Philippines



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