Monday, January 14, 2013

Harbin Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival

It's been over a week since the ice and snow sculpture festival at Harbin, China has started. 
Even if we've gotten the chance to go last year, seeing the amazing photos made Nikko and I want to go back for another round.

Harbin is located in Northeast China, nearing the Russian border. Once occupied by Russia, the city is still very much influenced by the Russian culture. The city has the longest and coldest winter across the entire country. I remember going around at -20C last February!

We went to the Harbin Siberian Tiger Park first thing in the morning, riding in a caged van with a batch of tourists.

We then went to the Harbin Sun Island after, to hike across icy ground that despite wearing a pair of thermal socks, a pair of cashmere socks and fleece-lined boots, my feet still felt the cold.

As you can see below, the sights were worth the suffering.

Ironically, frozen fruits were sold along the way.

I begged desperately to stop by mini coffee shops that serve cheap coffee and tea, with warm temperature to boot.

That night, we went to the Ice and Snow World, popularly known for their colourful ice sculptures.

Both of us dream of coming back here hopefully in 2-3 years time. 


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