Monday, November 12, 2012

Making cool weather interesting with Magnum Infinity

Throughout our semi-euro trip, we noticed prominent Heartbrand ice cream (Selecta in the P.I.) branding and presence all over. (100% of all outlets we have entered, sold their products!)

From the mom and pop (usually Indian-owned) convenience stores to the big supermarkets, you will recognize it from the different names it uses (Frigo in Spain, Miko in France) through common the heart-swirl logo.

Present in 40 countries nationwide, with 26 versions of the brand name, logos were intended to be the same for "cross border synergies in manufacturing and marketing, but brands retained local names to keep the familiarity built over the years." - wiki

Ironic as it may sound, having cold treats is awesomely fun when it's cool out. I remember having ice cream pop in Beijing (temperature around 5C), then frozen fruits at Harbin (-18C). Ice cream swirl shops are all over Japan as well, that time temperature at around 7C - 18C.

More than fun, it is said that having cold stuff will keep you warm since it causes for your body to balance out the temperature by producing more heat.

So here is showing you how I enjoyed my first ice cream treat for the trip: Magnum Infinity with an Americano (enjoyed at ambient temperature 17C).
Infinity comes in two flavors: chocolate and chocolate caramel. I had the chocolate with profile "Rich dark chocolate ice cream with a delicious chocolate sauce swirl. Covered with a thick cracking dark chocolate coating." -- just perfect.

should I?
oops it slipped! yum


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