Thursday, November 22, 2012

"Best Hot Chocolate in the World" is in Paris! - Angelina

It was the first on our agenda to stop by Angelina, recommended by two of our godparents as a "must-try". 

Angelina was established 1903, visited by many famous people and tourists alike. They are known for their thick and sweet hot chocolate, as well as their Mont Blanc pastry. The Salon de Thé is located across the Tuileries Garden (1564), a stone's throw away from the Louvre. It is said that Coco Chanel and Audrey Hepburn used to frequent the venue.

Nikko was able to book a table months prior for a reservation at 1pm, a time uncommon for lunch in Europe (they have it at 2pm). We were lucky to have done that, because as we started eating, we noticed the long line of expecting customers behind us. 

The place was packed with breakfast and brunch people when we got there, and as we started eating, queuing has reached outside the store already.

One order of their signature beverage L'African old fashioned hot chocolate is at 7,9 E (PhP 450), good to share for around three. It came with two cups of whipped cream, which we had to entirely use because of the extremely rich taste of the beverage. It was thick, and tastes literally like molten chocolate. I found one serving more than enough for me.

We got the Angelina brunch (available before 2pm) that included mini viennoiseries (croissant, chocolate and raisin pastries), moisan organic bread roll (served with Angelina jams), eggs “my way” (scrambled, fried, soft boiled or omelet), two macaroons, and a semi-cooked foie gras terrine, brioche toasts, served with fig chutney. This set is a whole lot and it was great that we opted to share everything. 39 E (around P2,150)

"my way" was sunnyside up
The three eggs were served as is, right after the croissants. I got a little confused with the order of food presentation, but I guess I was expected to have the eggs as is. Once the eggs were done, foie gras terrine and toasts came next. 

You can taste the fat and actually see chunks of melted foie gras butter on it. I find the shape odd for a terrine-formed foie gras. The sweet fig chutney provided great compliment to the oily-tasting pâté of duck liver.
foie gras terrine
visible fat butter chunks

fruit cup
chocolate and strawberry macaroons

We also picked from the main course the shrimps risotto (vanilla bisque, mixed herb salad). Now this is quality over quantity. Every bite gives an intense kick of the flavorful seafood, butter and cheese combination. 26 E (around Php 1,450)

We only explored the Pâtisseries after our meal, noticing the "Mont Blanc" filling a huge space at the counter. Their pastries are quite pricey, ranging from 7 E to 8.5 E (Php 380 - Php 470) for one small piece! We were too full to even try them out. Too bad.

famous Mont Blanc

There was still a long line when we stepped out of the store. So reservation is a must.

Overall, we enjoyed our first meal in Paris, especially that it was at Angelina. 

Angelina Tea Room
Address: 226 rue de Rivoli, 75001 Paris


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