Sunday, October 7, 2012

Who's Getting Married in 13 days?

It has already come to the point where I needed to start counting the days to the wedding day, to keep me from getting shocked at how close it actually is. Work has been very helpful at keeping me distracted.

Nikko, his mom and the Rita Neri group have been engrossed in this more than I am, and I have committed to close important decision points by this weekend.

Here are the things I have to work on:
- song list per activity
- event flow
- bridal hair style

Next week:
- the things I have to pack to bring to Nikko's
- shopping
- pre-wedding dyeing and waxing

I worked on building a board for the flower set-up ('til 3am last night), which I have forwarded to Teddy Manuel already.

I'm taking a shower, heading out to do some serious finalization once and for all. Oh and, my diet and workout starts tomorrow. I wonder if 13 days are enough. Hmmm.

(crosses fingers)


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