Saturday, September 29, 2012

Quiznos now in the Philippines

We have been looking forward to the opening of Quiznos since we started seeing their board up at the One Parkade Building at the Bonifacio High Street. 

It was the first Friday of Quiznos in the Philippines (they Opened September 24) when we got there at 7:30pm, queue line long and seats all occupied. We had to share a table with two others at the beginning. 

sandwich prep in front of customers
Here are the menu items available, from their Facebook page Quiznos Philippines.

Unlike Subway, Quiznos is not as customizable, but provides more size options (5", 8", 11") versus Subway's (6" and 12").

Quiznos subs are automatically toasted after preparation, through a conveyor-belt oven, making the toasting time standard. It's more saucy and flavorful than the more-deli options at Subway. Both brands offer savory and deli types.

Nikko and I decided to get 5" each.
5" Carbonara Chicken [P135]
I found the Carbonara Chicken bland that I had to season it with the Batch 83 Four Pepper Chili Sauce most of the bites. The toasted bread gave it a nice, crunchy texture. By the time I had the sandwich though, the sandwich has lost the warmth from toasting. It may not be intended to warm the bread, but more of just to provide the texture.
Four Pepper Chili Sauce
Chili'd up Carbonara Chicken
5" Double Cheese Cheesesteak [P195]
I had to jump ship a couple of times and have a bite of Nikko's double cheese cheesesteak, which I found more fit to my palate. It was tasty, aroma's great, and there was no need for additional seasoning.
Corn Soup [P65]
The corn soup reeked of the packaging smell (paper and plastic lining).

Quiznos provides a healthy and more affordable alternative when you're around Bonifacio High Street.  It's located right along 28th street, giving it an opportunity to serve drive-by customers who may call-in orders in advance.

The ACA Group (Johnny Rockets, Buddha Bar, Ink for Less, AMA Education System) is expanding to 250 outlets in five years, with ongoing shop construction in Cubao and Greenbelt 3. 

One Parkade
7th St. corner 28th St.
Bonifacio High Street, 
Bonifacio Global City Taguig


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