Monday, August 13, 2012

My Kitchen by Chef Chris

First time I got to try out C's panizza was back in college, when we would visit Lieza's estate in Pampanga. We would head out to Angeles just to enjoy the Italian food prepared by Chef Chris Locher's team, and every C moment was a special one.

When word got out that Chef Chris has started a new restaurant in Manila called My Kitchen, the Lims (also from Central Luzon, fans of C) had to go try it out. We found out that Chef Chris is no longer connected with C for almost a year now, which may be the reason for the declining quality of the food over at Angeles.
We started off with coffee, since we arrived too early for dinner.

The service was good, and Chef came by three times through the entire meal to make sure everything was going well. We were served cookies (a pleasant surprise), and bread with olive oil-pesto as dip. There are three options for bread: wholemeal, oattie and multi-cereal.

multi-grain bread and pesto dip
Panizzas, the specialty of C, continued to become the specialty of My Kitchen as well. Panizzas are rectangular pizzas cut diagonally (C), or horizontally (My Kitchen). They are intended to be rolled with arugula and alfalfa.

Since My Kitchen accommodates half and half, we ordered 1/2 Saint Jacques (US scallop flakes, strip, sin dried tomatoes and chili flakes) and 1/2 Kristina (bacon, ham, caramelized onion, sun dried tomatoes and mushrooms).  I found the Saint Jacq side better, but yes, they were as good as what we used to have at C.

half and half panizza
alfalfa and arugula
It was quite funny when Chef had to send back a server to our table to confirm our orders, because they were saying that each order of risotto is already good for sharing. We of course, pushed through with the orders.

I got the chicken and mushroom combo for Risotto, called Pollo e Fungi (pan roasted chicken fillet and assorted mushrooms blend to perfection in parmesan butter risotto with fresh herbs) PhP650.00

Before the dashes of parmesan cheese and pepper, I found the dish a little bland. It turned alright after the add-ons. It would have been better with more truffle oil.

Nikko went for Risotto Fruti Di Mare (classic fish and seafood risotto with salmon, mahimahi, shrimp, imported mussels enhanced with tomatoes, parmesan butter and saffron) PhP850.00

I wanted to switch dishes as soon as I had a taste of this one. It was full of huge chunks of seafood, better proportions compared to mine. The taste was amazing.

As bonus, we got to take home a free Stefano Panizza! (minimum purchase of P2,000).
Promo is until August 31, 2012.

4/5, We will definitely be back for more!

My Kitchen by Chef Chris
The Oasis Paco Park Hotel (beside Paco Church near Old Swiss Inn)
1032-34 Belen Street, Paco, Manila
+632 521-2371 to 75


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