Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Mangetsu Japanese Fusion

Mangetsu was specially handpicked by the birthday boy Nandy to celebrate with the family. We arrived at the venue early, right when the restaurant just opened.

We went there last June 2012, when it was just a few months since Mangetsu relocated from its old address at Creekside Mall.

Sushi Chef doing the preps
nicely laid-out menu
function rooms available at the second floor
The rooms provided the seclusion that we wanted, but posted a challenge when we needed something from the waiters. 

Pork Gyoza [P290]
Blanched Tuna with Calamansi and Sea Salt [P340]

This is just excellent.
Char-grilled Prawns Tempura w/ Soy Sauce and Mustard [P640]
Bad idea to have ordered two of these. They were watered down, almost soup-like.
Pork Katsu Don [P290]
Now this is worth going back for.
Deep-Fried Prawns Golden Sauce w/ Salted Egg & Parmesan Cheese Sauce [P550]
Gyu Don [P275]
Agedashi Tofu in dashi with Grated Radish [P220]
Karaage Fried Chicken with 3-kinds of Salt [P380]
Grilled Chicken Yakitori Skewer w/3 Kinds of Japanese Spices [P330]

Mangetsu 4/5 Rating
38 Jupiter St., Bel-Air Village, Makati City, Metro Manila

Business Hours
Mondays - Saturdays
AM11:30 - PM2:00 (last order PM1:30)
PM5:30 - PM11:00 (last order PM10:30)

AM11:30 - PM3:00 (last order PM2:30)
PM5:30 - PM10:00 (last order PM9:30)



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