Sunday, August 12, 2012

Hungarian Cuisine at Magyar Magallanes

For the third time that I have come by Magyar at Paseo de Magallanes, this is the first time I am able to document the experience.

Throwback, January 2012

When people ask, "where's Lunch/Dinner"? I bet you will never hear "Let's go for Hungarian!" over your usual Japanese, Italian, Chinese. I am not even familiar with what Hungarian food is, except maybe for Hungarian Sausage.

Magyar was established in 2010, and is conveniently located at a steady-traffic location of Mgallanes. I actually passed by this time due to convenience (it's on the way home), coming from a stressful day at work.

The outlet's style and ambience is very simple and cozy, with the servers dressed up in Hungarian outfits. You get a preview of the heart of the restaurant when you browse through the manually-drawn descriptive menu such as these:

I had a pot of Beef Goulash stew for myself, their best seller (P290).

Goulash is one of Hungary's national dishes. It is a stew of mainly meat and potato, seasoned with Hungarian paprika and other spices. It had exceptional taste of rich meat and potato combo, and when eaten with bread, is too much for one person to finish. Too bad I actually finished it.

After that very filling meal, I noticed the Oreo Doughnut dessert from the manually-drawn menu (P75).

Let me tell you, I am certain you never had doughnuts like this. Freshly made, each of the three doughnuts is filled with Oreos then fried to perfection. They are served with vanilla ice cream, which makes the hot and cold combination mind blowing. I am already craving for some as I am writing this now.

I attempted to cleanse my system with green tea afterwards.

Magyar, 5/5!

You can see their complete menu here: Munch Punch: Magyar's Magallanes' Menu

Unit 3 Mega Center, Paseo de Magallanes, San Antonio St.
Magallanes Village, Makati
(02) 853-1397


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