Monday, May 7, 2012

Coffee Addiction: New Kopiko Kopiccino

I love coffee, whether it's from the best roasted varieties of arabica and robusta, to the 6-peso three-in-ones. With this, I'd also say I'm a heavy coffee drinker, counting up to my sixth cup for the day. No wonder I'm still up, considering I have an early morning workshop tomorrow.

There's this new 3-in-1 I just needed to post about. Kopiko Kopiccino was recently introduced by an officemate which they got from the sari-sari stores around the office. We know how Kopiko has been notably grabbing attention from Nescafé, starting from the very popular (and very much copied) Brown Coffee variant. Not only grabbing attention, Kopiko variants have been taking shelf space from other three-in-one players. (and, flying off the shelves at that)

The strength of Kopiko was confirmed when other coffee brands started copying the color, variant and pack size.

What I like most with this brand is its charm. I believe that the Brown Coffee variant was just a real lucky strike, but with the new Kopiccino variant, I feel that they are starting to be intentional.

They just need hire a good copywriter for the product description.

In other countries, Kopiko is still known to be a confectionery brand as how it started. Kopiko coffee now sells three variants of instant coffee: Strong and Rich, Brown Coffee, and Kopiccino. Kopiko is an Indonesian brand that started distribution in the Philippines through Tridharma Marketing Corporation (TMC).


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