Saturday, March 10, 2012

Sundays, what Sundays?

Tomorrow is yet another Sunday. Although I have committed to make the most of everyday the way we do Sundays, work has been creeping up on me. For the 2012, gym visits have been limited to 1x... Year to date. This is a total drop from my previous 3x-4x per week. Missing gym used to cause panic.

My intentions in life have not been supported by the people around, especially that my thrust this year is to go full blast at work. I feel that maybe getting married next year or the year after wouldn't make a difference. It just shouldn't have come in parallel with the sudden shift in assignment at work.

I have been moving aimlessly this year, feeling more of being pulled from the different corners of my life, than me driving and aiming to get to my goals. Everything seems to be going faster than what's reasonable. But maybe reasonable is what I make it, so as to life. Maybe I can stop blaming others for the situation in the meantime, and get a well-deserved quality time with myself. A planning session with myself.

Hello Boracay?


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