Saturday, March 24, 2012

Back on Track!

Our company-wide annual physical exam just gave me a reality check -- I gained a whopping six pounds from the time I last cared!!!

I used to visit the gym three times a week at the minimum, and protein shakes and fat burners were even at one point a workout staple. From insane training expenses and gym outfits that don't fit as nice anymore, time has been the greatest investment I've made to keep fit.

Gym moments comprised mostly of strength training (especially the back and core), least comprised of cardio. I hated and still hate cardio training. This may be the reason why I've not been able to hit my ideal body: the workouts you hate the most are the ones you need the most.

Japan with the Lims is coming up soon, and I don't intend to gain five more pounds over there. Not to mention my first gown fitting by the end of the month! The challenge!

I dug out some get-fit inspirations around my room, and will set them around to remind me to visit the gym more frequently this time around. Starting tomorrow, my diet and workout plan starts again. I pray for strength to do this.. And stick it out this time. My workout lull of nine months will be the biggest challenge, but I have my heart set on this.

I will use this site to keep tabs on my progress :)

dusty book under the rest of them

my days starting today?

pedometer, gloves. I gave a damn. Haha


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