Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe

We passed by Xin Wang before attending the bridal fair in SMX last Sunday.

Looking for a quick lunch that time at around 1pm, we were glad to have stumbled upon another first-in-the-Philippines restaurant.

We tried out their "best sellers" and some regular favorites to compare to other local cuisines, such as siomai and hakaw.

Mine was HK Steamed Mushroom Chicken Bamboo Rice - P175.00, while the other order was Cheese Baked Rice with Porkchop - P200+.

I found the HK Steamed Mushroom Chicken Bamboo Rice bland, not portioned well and totally failed my expectations. I started to doubt the brand recalling that it is one of their best sellers, according to the waiter. When I've finished the chicken and mushroom, there were still about 2/3s rice left in the bowl. With the blandness, dryness and insufficient sauce, it very much appeared to be a very disproportioned meal.
The Cheese Baked Rice with Porkchop on the other hand, was similar to Hong Kong's Cafe de Coral's Baked Porkchop Rice. It needed more tomatoes, tasted dry.
The dim-sum looked like major failures as well. The siomai looked like your street side version, but tasted better. The hakaw's wrapper was more translucent than it should be, but again tasted real good. Good bite to the shrimps.

Fail. But to give them the soft opening benefit of the doubt, I am sure to come back for another try.
Xin Wang Hong Kong Café is surprisingly a Singapore brand, with 16 branches in Singapore, one in Vietnam and one in the Philippines.

Xin Wang Hong Kong Café
SM Mall of Asia
North Wing, Entertainment Mall


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