Monday, December 19, 2011

Pinkberry Manila

We finally got to visit the Pinkberry branch! It was the first weekend of the brand in the country when we came by Greenbelt 5, and was surprised to find the store quite empty comparing to Jamba Juice's first week.

I wonder why it took so long for the brand to finally come in. I remember hearing about the brand when Paris Hilton would be photographed with Pinkberry on hand back in The Simple Life days, circa 2007.

The yogurt trend in the Philippines actually started way back, allowing for no-name brands to sprout and sell the then-novelty product. Closely after the Ice Monster craze, we started seeing Yoh-gurt Froz, Whitehat, California Berry, Golden Spoon, and of course, Red Mango -- Pinkberry's arch-nemesis.

These brands should be applauded for striking while the iron was hot. If they saw the potential then, I'm wondering why Pinkberry / Starbucks didn't, or maybe did, but reacted at a rather sluggish pace.

Nonetheless, I loved the feel of the place, and the products were not bad. I'm liking Red Mango better though.