Monday, December 26, 2011

Luk Yu Tea House

After spending the entire morning at Hong Kong's Central district shopping for wedding bands and engagement watches, the HK-based Fujian jewellers offered to treat us for lunch. Good thing we accepted the offer, because we ended up having lunch at the Hong Kong Tatler awardee Luk Yu Tea House along Stanley Road.

"Luk Yu is Hong Kong's oldest and one of its most famous tea houses and has been frequently featured in movies and literature". - Wikipedia

Our gracious host talked about Filipinos in relation to the restaurant, such as Pres. Estrada's visits and Henry Sy's interest to bring the brand to the country. According to him, each of Luk Yu's five shareholders may be more affluent than Lucio Tan, saying that the continued operation of the 78 year-old restaurant is more of a labor of love than a money-making endeavor. I find his interest of our Fil-Chi Taipans quite amusing, although I am not sure how much of it is story-telling.

Thanks to our hosts' connections, we had the privilege of dining in the ground floor function room, when the entire ground floor is said to be "unofficially reserved" for loyal customers. We were served with the most delicious selection of Hong Kong cuisine, well-documented below:

Above these signs is a "No Photograph" sign, which I intentionally ignored.


This dish disappeared before we had our turn. No worries, we made sure we were able to make up.

Perfectly cooked sauceless sweet and sour pork was prepared like I never had 'em before. This is my favorite of all.

This weird-looking pie tasted like dimsum beef balls.

The roasted pork was delectably perfect.

The Hokkien fried rice and noodles were served at the latter part of the meal, making us think that these will just go to waste. We were wrong when we had a bite of these, actually highlighting the entire meal with their unique and memorable taste and texture.

Luk Yu Tea House
Traditional Chinese Tea House
24-26 Stanley Street
Central District
Hong Kong


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