Friday, January 1, 2010

Greenhills West Clubhouse Party Reference: Venue Photos

Actual post date: May 27, 2014
I have been scouring the internet for images of the Greenhills West Clubhouse for Cash's first birthday party and couldn't find decent ones! 

Here's sharing what I got from my visit last weekend:

There are two entrance / exit options. This party used the one on the left since their stage is located straight from the entrance, right before the function rooms.

To the right is an ATM machine, which I plan to cover.

To the left is the West GH clubhouse office.

Parties with more than 25 tables are recommended to take all function rooms in addition to the main hall, and to take the left side area for stage setup.

This is where "swags" can begin hanging. Kinda low for me.

Stepping in and looking towards the right

Stepping in and looking towards the right, slightly upwards

This shows the approximate distance of your "swags" from people's heads

I walked back out towards the side of the hall, where foodcarts usually locate. This party just had two, Potato Corner and Magnolia ice cream. I find this a little small and crowded for more carts.

Since their table count is just 25 (for approximately 250 guests), their buffet table setup was located towards the right side of the main hall.

This is what a function room looks like. I wasn't able to get the dimensions of these spaces but has requested for one from their office.

Hope this helped!

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